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Mike Gusler, Rock Star Branding - Personal Brand Enhancement
Mike Gusler, RockStar Brandinga

Building a personal brand will earn you more money, give you better career options and make you virtually unemployment proof. .

Yet most of us depend on strategies devised in the 1980s rather than utilize some of the new networks and technologies that exist today.

Learn how to turn your passions into a well recognized brand from a best selling book author that has done it himself, and will walk through the process of identifying and growing your personal brand, including building a powerful network, developing thought leadership, creating compelling content, and connecting with influencers. Mark also pulls in the best ideas from some of the most influential people in business today and presents it in an easy to follow and easy to execute style.

Among the topics you will learn to:

Build a powerful network that is feeding opportunities to you.
Connect with influential people that will help build your brand.
Use the best tools and solutions for brand building.
Create a great personal profile that sells.
Build a personal brand will get you promoted.
Generate much higher levels of income.

By building a recognizable personal brand, you'll find that opportunities find you effortlessly. Whether it's at work or at play, you will literally become a magnet for the opportunities you're most interested in.